Natalia products have been especially blended from plant extracts rich in Omega Oils, formulated to help prevent pregnancy stretch-marks, repair the skin and minimise redness. Pregnancy stretch-marks occur when the tissue under your skin tears from rapid growth or stretching.  Your skin is usually fairly elastic, but when you grow or gain weight really quickly (like during pregnancy), you may get fine lines on your body called stretch marks or “striae gravidarum”. Natalia Anti-Stretch Oil and Anti-Stretch Butter are high in natural linoleic acids and essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9 which are responsible for working at cellular level to stimulate skin cell reproduction and aid in accelerating skin repair. Omega Oils help prevent pregnancy stretch-marks by protecting and reinforcing elastin cells, giving them extra strength and helping them to stretch without marking your belly as it grows.

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  • Mums miracle balm £9.50

    Mum’s Miracle Balm 30ml

  • prenatal anti stretch oil £12.00

    Prenatal Anti-Stretch Oil-60ml

  • prenatal anti stretch oil £18.50

    Prenatal Anti-Stretch Oil 100ml

  • Prenatal Beautiful Body Scrub £10.00

    Prenatal Beautiful Body Scrub 60ml

  • Offer prenatal anti stretch butter £13.75 £11.70

    Prenatal Anti Stretch Butter 60ml

  • prenatal anti stretch butter £8.75

    Prenatal Anti- Stretch Butter-30ml