Katie WThe whole ethos of Natalia products by Vital Touch is based on the work and passion of founding director, massage therapist/aromatherapist & reflexologist, Katie Whitehouse. Having specialised in massaging pregnant women for many years, Katie and her husband Martin founded Vital Touch Pure Oils and the Natalia range of organic skincare for pregnancy and new parents.

“I firmly believe that pregnancy is a time when really well blended aromatherapy and base oils can be most valuable in terms of relaxation, skincare, stretch marks, tired legs and muscle tension. Our Natalia skincare products for pregnancy, birth and new parents were inspired by a combination of my own pregnancies, and my work with pregnant women & midwives over 20 years in massage practice, and of real life!

Everything we do at Vital Touch is based on our ethos of FEEL LIFE! This means that we’re committed to communicating the benefits of positive touch through the use of the purest and most gorgeous skincare and aromatherapy products. Our products are 100% naturally derived and use 97-100% organic ingredients, grown without the use of pesticides- we do our utmost to ethically source the ingredients we use, from the UK and internationally. Our packaging is made from responsibly sourced or recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable.

Pregnancy is long behind me now, but I use our vibrant oils and blends in my everyday life – for skincare, for calming/uplifting my family… I wouldn’t be without them!”

 Nearly fifteen years on, Vital Touch products are sold in over two hundred specialist retail outlets nationwide and in France, Sweden etc and are still hand blended with care and integrity in the South West of England.